Camp Evergreen

Debbie Gaston, Professional Outdoor educator and retired Elgin ISD teacher, will lead the weekly camps.

Adventure awaits for kids, ages 6-10 years old, who want to learn about the outdoors. There are four weekly sessions with different themes. Each session is Monday through Friday 7:30-12:00 am

Cost is $250 a week. Early BEE FEE, March 15-April 15 $225, After April 15 Camp Fee $250.  10% discount sibling discount and/or signing up for all four camps.


Registration and all release forms must be signed prior to camp. 


For child safety and COVID-19 protocols, class size is limited to 15 campers.

Each day, campers bring a backpack with lunch, snack, water bottle and a change of clothes and any medicine needed (Epipen, lnhalers). All campers must wear close toed shoes and should be rubbed down with sunscreen and bug repellent applied, prior to camp. We will reapply as needed.

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Debbie Gaston
1132 N. Main
Elgin, TX 78621
Explore ecosystems
Explore ecosystems

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Learn about plant life
Learn about plant life

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Work in a real garden
Work in a real garden

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Explore ecosystems
Explore ecosystems

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Week 1
June 6 - 10

The Smallest Amongst Us
Make wands to use to sort, turn over, scrape, pick up, carry, collect the smallest amongst us. We will explore why decomposers are important to our ecosystem.  We will collect two types of ants and two types of worms and make habitats for each. They will be released back to their original homes on Friday.

Week 2  
June 13 - 17

The Giants Amongst Us
We will make hiking sticks and wind chimes from the limbs of trees.  We will learn how to measure a tall tree, make sundials and follow our shadows. We will appreciate the comforts a tree provides us with several magical encounters. (Bark, shapes of leaves, smells, benefits). We will learn about the largest of birds here at Evergreen Farms. Guest Guides will be from the Bastrop County Audubon Society.

Week 3 
June 20 - 24

Magical Collections
We will make personal leather pouches to store our interesting finds as we hike along our trails. We will make a sample collection of nature's medicine plants.  To learn physical exercise is important, Ms. Sunny will be present to teach the campers the art of Hula Hooping.    We'll find personal sit spots and spend 10-15 minutes reflecting on our day, listening and observing the nature around us, and recording in our journals.  


Week 4 
June 27-July 1


What are crowns? We will study nature's crown jewels, finding beautiful patterns throughout nature at Evergreen Farms. We will focus on rocks, leaves, tree bark, flight patterns of birds, bees, and butterflies. We will find crowns on flowers, crowns on birds.  We will make our own personal crowns and Kaleidoscopes this final week.