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Christmas Trees


Open daily starting the day after Thanksgiving until we sell out of trees.


Friday, November 24 from 10 am - 5 pm

Saturdays from 10 am - 5 pm

Sundays from 1 - 5 pm

Weekdays from 1 - 5 pm


Evergreen Farms is a Choose-and-Cut Christmas tree farm designed with fun-loving consumers in mind.  Customers can experience the fresh air of the country as they pick out their perfect Christmas tree.

Take a wagon ride out to the field where you can cut your own Texas-grown Christmas tree or pick a precut Noble fir or Fraser fir tree to take home. 

Because of the drought this year, we have had to close our choose-and-cut field for 2023 except for a select few trees that are over 10 feet tall. If you are interested in one of these trees, please talk to a worker when you get to the farm and they'll show you where the trees are located in the field.


Knowing that our field was small this year, we brought in extra pre-cut trees. We have a large selection of Noble firs from Washington state and Fraser firs from North Caroline. All other activities are still the same as before, including a tractor ride to the Noble firs.

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Evergreen Farms furnishes saws for cutting and harvesting the perfect tree. Please bring your own measuring tools. We will shake the tree and wrap it in netting for easy transporting. Twine is available if you need to tie it to your vehicle. 

After cutting the tree there are many games to entertain, including tetherball, maze, hopscotch and a playground.  There is also a nature trail, farm animals and the gift shop.



Families can enjoy several additional activities on weekends. Evergreen Farms will have a campfire for roasting marshmallows. The concession stand will be open with drinks, hot chocolate, s’more fixings, sausage wraps and snacks.


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The trees grown at Evergreen Farms are Virginia Pine, Leyland Cypress and Arizona Cypress. Special care is given to hand plant each seedling on a yearly basis. For each tree that is cut down during the Christmas season, at least one more is planted to replace it.

All fields are on a drip irrigation system, conserving water and insuring healthy, beautiful trees. Soils are taken care of and enhanced using mulch.  Pests are controlled using a pest management system. Trees are sheared yearly to maintain full and beautifully shaped trees.  

Types of Trees
Virginia Pine  (Pinus Virginianan) is a short needled pine with a pleasant pine fragrance, dense foliage and good growth rates.  It has been the most widely planted southern Christmas tree over the past three decades and is the most common species at Evergreen Farms.  


Leyland Cypress is a sterile hybrid tree between the Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpe) and Alaskan cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis).  Because the tree is a sterile hybrid, it does NOT pollinate naturally, therefore is an excellent option for those that have tree allergies.  Customers like it because it is not only a very beautiful Christmas tree, but if kept in water, it will not leave needles on the carpet.  

Arizona Cypress (Cupressus arizonica) is a North American species of trees in the cypress family.  It is native to the southwestern U.S.  The foliage grows in dense sprays and ranges in color from a dull gray-green to a bright blue-green.  They are very fragrant and will do well as a fresh cut tree if kept in water.  

Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri) is a tree species that can not grow in Texas, yet many Evergreen Farms customers enjoy the fir.  They are shipped from North Carolina in refrigerated trucks and stored in water or watered everyday to provide a fresh tree.  They have a mild fragrance, strong limbs and soft needles.

Noble Fir (Abies procera) is also a species that can not grow in Texas. The Noble fir is closely related to the red fir.  They have a slight fragrance, but nice needles and branches for ornaments. Noble firs are shipped from Washington State and are cared for like the Fraser Fir.   

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