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Educational Tours


All tours are given by professional educators.  Evergreen Farms tours are all aligned with the TEKS and PreK Guidelines.  They are designed to provide a hands on laboratory for any science curriculum.  Call for curriculum plans. 


The tours are also adapted for older groups and adults who want to know a little bit about planting, farming and history. Evergreen Farms caters to Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups and will tailor activities to earn badges. We also offer tours for retirement centers and Garden Clubs.  

Tours are $8.00 per person/student and free for teachers and parents. Minimum is $80.00. Grant monies have been received from the Texas Department of Agriculture for enhancing the tours. 


 We also offer a self guided Tree Tour.  Groups of 10 or less will receive a guide booklet and walk through the farm stations to learn about tree care and growing.  Cost is $4.00 person including adults. 


After the tour we invite groups to enjoy Evergreen Farms and have a picnic lunch on the pavilion or tree house.  

Fall Harvest

October 9 - November 3, 2023

This tour is based on the plant cycle and explores the parts of the plant and how they contribute to the growth of the plant.  The garden is one of the stops on the wagon ride.  Depending on the age group expansion of the activities will be explored.  The tour follows with a pumpkin hunt in the trees.  Each student will find their own mini pumpkin as well as make their own plant to reinforce the lesson on plants.


Educational Tree

November 27- December 15, 2023

This tour explores the tree cycles as it relates to the trees at Evergreen Farms.  Students will see the tree cycle from beginning to end and what is involved in making it work.  They will be exposed to eco systems and how they are a major part of the environment at Evergreen Farms.  To reinforce what they learned on the farm students will take home a coloring book to remind them of the tree cycle.


Little Bit of Texas

October 9- November 3, 2023 

Evergreen Farms was a part of the early development of Texas during the Mexican rule and was one of the early Spanish land grants.  This tour will explore the Spanish Land grant system and how families survived without computers, cell phones and fast food. 


The farm is located on the site of Hogeye which was the settlement before the railroad established the town of Elgin. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas have placed an Historical Marker at Evergreen Farms commemorating the earlier settlers. Using the chuck wagon, a lesson on the cattle drives will be included with a hands on cooking of cobbler to be enjoyed by all.  Using compasses an orienteering course has been set up for participants to navigate with a reward of a Texas bandanna at the end. This tour is set up for fourth graders or others who have studied Texas History.


Spring Garden

April 15 - May 24, 2024

Students will experience first hand how to plant a garden.   They will learn the basics of preparing the soil, tools used in the garden and their purpose and plant seeds in the Evergreen Farms garden and learn techniques in planting and care.  The seeds and plants will be taken care of by the staff at Evergreen Farms and harvested later in the year to give to the local Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen.  The students will also make their own environmentally friendly seed pot and plant their own sunflower seeds to take home to plant.  

Farm To Table 

April 15 - May 24, 2024

This tour is designed for second graders and above.  Students will learn how sustainable agriculture is practiced at Evergreen Farms by observing the garden.  Planting the garden, observing garden techniques that encourage preserving natural resources will be some of the hands-on activities on this tour.   They will experience making and sampling their own vegetable soup.  

Wreath Make Workshop

December 14-16, 2023

This workshop is open to adult groups who would like to have their own fresh wreath during the holiday season.  Each participant will learn the basics in wreath making and will be able to make their own door size wreath and decorate it if desired.  The cost is $10.00 per wreath and if decorating $5.00 per wreath extra.  The minimum charge per group is $100.


Birthday Parties

Take the hassle out of planning a party and let Evergreen Farms host your next Birthday Party. April, May, September and November are months that allow Evergreen Farms to host the parties. The fee is $200 for up to 15 children. Adults are no charge and if there are over 15 it is $10.00 per child.


This fee includes the following:  

3 hours on the farm.  Your group will be the only ones on the farm during this time

One train ride around the farm

Use of the pavilion and tree house



Bounce House

Zip Line


We can also provide food for your guests.

  • Hot dog, chips, and drink  $5.00 per person

  • Sausage wrap, chips and drink $6.00 per person

  • Catering from local restaurants price will depend on what is requested


During October which is the month of Pumpkin Hunt, the tree house is available on the weekends for 3 hours at a fee of $75.00.  The usual activities will be going on and your group can participate by buying tickets. See the Pumpkin Hunt page to view the activities.  


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